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Pictured: Daniel Henney

"What A Fool Believes," The Doobie Brothers

This song was always fitting for the story because Remy, despite knowing relationships are ruined beyond repair is surprised to see and receive that rejection of a woman walking away (with one exception). Basically, he spends six years waiting for Jadis to come back, but she doesn’t. He waited for his college girlfriend Kendall before, but in both cases he lost out and has no real understanding of why.



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(Pictured Kelly Hu)

"Just Kiss Me," Harry Connick Jr.

Are we masochistic? Or materialistic? A bit sadistic? Lord knows I’m sick. Gotta buy this shit. Make it a habit. Maybe I’m past it. Maybe I’m plastic.
Last Days of the Jazz Age




[ oliver jeffers ]

(Pictured: Daniel Henney)

"Cry Me A River," Julie London



Self-Esteem, Pt. 2

Remy tried to close his eyes and relax. The radio was playing an instrumental full of sensual bass, 1970s organ and purring saxophone. Lights from the city poured in from the darkness, basking Remy’s round face in yellows and reds and blues. People pranced up and down the streets as the cab slowly weaved its way through. There were so many people out. Laughing, rushing from one place to another. They were all dressed with expectation of whatever kind of magic the night would bring. Another encounter. Another tryst. In pursuit of bigger and better fish. So many colors and they spilled into the streets. They crossed without waiting for lights. They groped the things and each other and they moved to all the music that surrounded them. Their excited liquor induced chatter was like mating calls into the night.

No matter the age, it seemed like Remy had never been part of this world.

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